Japan’s Largest Garage Door Manufacturing Company

The garage door repair & installation industry is a very competitive and lucrative industry all over the world. Garage door companies from all over turn to garage door manufacturers for wholesale doors and to keep their inventories stocked. With such a competitive market, company owners always want to offer the best, most innovative garage door products and garage door opening products out there.

Aoyama is a garage door manufacturing company that was founded in Japan in 1966. It now boasts over 25,000 employees and is in over 60 countries and regions. They offer high-quality garage doors and garage door products, with their fiscal year bringing in over 150 billion yen in 2016-2017. And while they may be in a lot of countries and regions they are still not to be found in the U.S. Garage door installation expert Ryan, with a garage door repair company in Phoenix, states that he wishes that his company could close a wholesale contract with the Japan giant. Offering innovative high-quality products that aren’t to be found anywhere would be a gold mind within the garage door industry.

Aoyama seems to be content with their infrastructure & their returns as of now, but who is to say they won’t look to continue to expand and possibly so into the U.S. As of now they strive to work with customers to develop comprehensive & efficient solutions in areas that include housing, office buildings, and public transport. In fact, they just aren’ a garage door manufacturing company. The Japan-based company has a competitive advantage in the global market and manufacture parts and products for

  • Garage Doors
  • Elevator Industry
  • Lift Platforms
  • Security Systems
  • Passenger Boarding Bridges
  • Generator Systems
  • Pay Parking Systems
  • Automatic Door Systems
  • Charging Systems

As leaders in customization, cost, quality, service, and capacity they continue to develop & manufacture innovative products in an energy-efficient manner.