Japan’s Largest Garage Door Manufacturing Company

The garage door repair & installation industry is a very competitive and lucrative industry all over the world. Garage door companies from all over turn to garage door manufacturers for wholesale doors and to keep their inventories stocked. With such a competitive market, company owners always want to offer the best, most innovative garage door products and garage door opening products out there.

Aoyama is a garage door manufacturing company that was founded in Japan in 1966. It now boasts over 25,000 employees and is in over 60 countries and regions. They offer high-quality garage doors and garage door products, with their fiscal year bringing in over 150 billion yen in 2016-2017. And while they may be in a lot of countries and regions they are still not to be found in the U.S. Garage door installation expert Ryan, with a garage door repair company in Phoenix, states that he wishes that his company could close a wholesale contract with the Japan giant. Offering innovative high-quality products that aren’t to be found anywhere would be a gold mind within the garage door industry.

Aoyama seems to be content with their infrastructure & their returns as of now, but who is to say they won’t look to continue to expand and possibly so into the U.S. As of now they strive to work with customers to develop comprehensive & efficient solutions in areas that include housing, office buildings, and public transport. In fact, they just aren’ a garage door manufacturing company. The Japan-based company has a competitive advantage in the global market and manufacture parts and products for

  • Garage Doors
  • Elevator Industry
  • Lift Platforms
  • Security Systems
  • Passenger Boarding Bridges
  • Generator Systems
  • Pay Parking Systems
  • Automatic Door Systems
  • Charging Systems

As leaders in customization, cost, quality, service, and capacity they continue to develop & manufacture innovative products in an energy-efficient manner.




Two American Businesses In The Heart Of Japan

While there are many great products that are made in Japan and imported to the United States there are also great products from America that the Japanese appreciate and look to shop for. There is also a handful of U.S, businesses that have taken the leap and opened stores in Tokyo or in other cities in Japan.

American Businesses Succeeding In Japan

Dandelion Chocolate- a handcrafted chocolate company based out of San Francisco first opened a store in Tokyo in 2016. Todd Masonis, the founder of the company, has only chosen to branch out from San Francisco to Tokyo with his amazing chocolate and nowhere else because he saw the potential his company had in Japan. Partnering with Mr, Seiji Horibuchi he had lots of requests from Japanese tourists in San Fransisco to open a store in Japan. He also knew that the Japanese valued the craftsmanship of his chocolate and he also knew that the regulations regarding the processing of food were a lot less strict than in the United States. It seemed like the perfect business opportunity and has proven to be so.

LuluLemon- The activewear and yoga brand first tried to make its debut in Japan in 2004 but pulled out 4 years later in 2008. Yoga had did not become a hot commodity yet in Japan and the yoga studios that were there offered changing rooms for after classes, so the idea of fashionable activewear wasn’t quite there yet. After doing abundant market research and streamlining their concept and approach in Japan they opened stores in Tokyo in 2016. There are currently 2 but because it has proven to be profitable this time around they are ready to expand and open more stores throughout Japan.

These are two examples of American brands that have found their footing within Japanese society. Japanese also like to purchase video games, kids toys, DVD’s, CD’s, watches, costumes & masks, and cargo & tool bags from American manufacturers.

Getting To Know Japan


We thought we would start off by providing a bit of history on the products that Japan as a country produces, and a little bit about Japan in its entirety. Japan is the world’s number one manufacturer of automobiles in the entire world.  The country is also known to have diplomatic relations with almost all independent nations, and was ranked 27 out of 189 countries in regards to the ease associated with doing business.  Another fun fact about business relations on Japan is that 98% of all adoptions that take place in this country involve adult males?  Why? The Japanese strongly believe keeping their business solely in their families hands and males are the ones to take over and run things.  

interesting-facts-japanJapan Manufacturers & Exports       

  • automobiles
  • electronics
  • computers
  • different metals such as copper, iron & steel
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ships
  • Aerospace
  • Processed foods

land-in-japanInteresting Japan Facts

  • 90% of all cell phones are waterproof in Japan, because people like to shower & talk on their phones
  • 33 million people inhibit the metropolitan region of Tokyo-Yokohama, making it the largest & most populated metropolitan region in the whole world
  • Japan has the 3rd highest rate for life expectancy throughout the world
  • Japanese will bow when meeting someone instead of shaking their hand.  The lower the bow the more respect they are giving you
  • The main train station found in Tokyo, Shinjuku Station, is the BUSIEST train station in all of the world with MILLIONS of people using its transit system everyday!
  • Japan consumes more than 17 million pounds of fish per year
  • 70% of Japan is made up of mountain ranges, including over 200 volcanoes!

There is much to be shared about Japan and it’s exquisite culture & business dealings, with this post we hoped to shed a little light on the country as a whole and how many products the Japanese contribute to many different industries throughout the world.  With a culture that believes in great respect and fairness for others, we are also business minded and tend to form strong businesses as well as business relationships that our family will continue to grow and maintain over the years to come.