Japanese Soaking Tubs

Japanese-productsOne of the more unique products to come out of Japan are Ofuro or Japanese soaking tubs. The Japanese have always placed importance on bathing, believing that it cleanses both the body and soul. While soaking tubs have always been a primary product in Japan, they are now becoming a coveted product in the United States as well. With many people seeking to enjoy the zen like properties offered by these tubs, they also enjoy the beauty that they add to bathrooms as well as their backyards. In fact in recent months this Japanese product is seeing a rise in demand and shipments needed. With hot tub and spa dealers bringing them into their stores, the production of these beautiful wooden tubs is on the rise. A Fort Collins hot tub store is having trouble keeping them in stock and doesn’t see the demand decreasing any time soon.

What Makes Japanese Soaking Tubs So Incredible???

The Wood-

Japanese-soaking-tubThese tubs are not just made out of any old wood. In true Japanese tradition they are crafted out of Hinoki, which as long been used to build Shinto Temples. However, Port Orford Cedar which has similarities to Hinoki is used as well. Both of these woods have antiseptic abilities and thus create a clean environment without the use of chemicals. When these woods are not available Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar along with Dark Teak can be used.

The Depth-

These tubs are much deeper than your traditional American bathtub or hot tub. Because of this you are able to completely immerse yourself in hot water. The wood used to make these tubs also let of aromatic scents which make the tubs even more relaxing

The Seat-

The seats within these tubs allow for the user to sit upright while still soaking in the warm water. This allows for muscles to relax and eases tension.


Because of the antiseptic like properties in the wood, these Ofuro tubs are incredibly easy to clean. They are actualy a lot easier to clean then a traditional hot tub or bath tub.

One of the great things about Japanese soaking tubs that are made in Japan is the quality of the work and materials. They can also be customized to the particular liking of the customer. One of the reasosns hot tub stores that are carrying these beautiful tubs are running out of stock is because of the many great features they offer as well as their ability to be customized.

Bartok design Co. is one of the leading maufacturers in Japanese soaking tubs. Their tubs are made solely from Hinoki wood hat is found in Kiso Valley in central Japan. They create beautiful authentic Japanese soaking tubs and make them available to those throughout the world.