Tokyo-Industrial City

Tokyo is the biggest metropolitan industry in the world, with a total of around 38 million people, with all of the people, Japan has been able to construct a modern marvel. Tokyo is more than just a city, and if you ever decide to visit there you should make it a point to see all of these architectural phenomenons.

  • Shibuya Crossing

shibuya-crossing-TokyoThis is the Times Square of Tokyo. During busy times there can be up to 3000+ people in the crosswalk. Besides that you can see a stunning display of advertisement covered buildings that give the city life even at night. At this intersection is the main mall in Tokyo, Shibuya 109. And within walking distances are the best restaurants in the world offering every type of food.

  • Tokyo Tower

While some French might think that Japan just simply stole the Eiffel Tower, in actuality, Tokyo uses this tower as a communications and observation tower. At 1092 ft, (333 m) it is the 2nd tallest structure in all of Japan! It is even painted in the country’s national color of red and white.

  • Skytee

For now, this is the tallest building in Japan and the 2nd tallest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa. At 2080 ft it only comes 642 feet (195 m) short of setting the record. Besides being a tall building this building serves as the primary television and radio broadcast site for the Kanto region due to the poor reception caused by all of the other skyscrapers. Other uses are that it is an observation tower and it has a restaurant in the building for tourists to come and eat

  • Imperial Palace

This is where the Emperor and Empress live. Being constructed after WWII once Tokyo-Imperial-Palacethe old palace was bombed and destroyed, this building is constructed like traditional Japanese temples, but the private residence of the Emperor and Empress is said to be constructed more modernly. Most of the palace area is closed to the public except for reserved guided tours.

  • Sensoji Temple

This buddhist temple is in the Asakusa region of Tokyo and is Japan’s oldest temple. It was originally founded all the way back in 645 AD. However, it was again destroyed during WWII bombing raids. It was rebuilt and re-modernized into what it is today. It is a major tourist destination surrounded by many shops and restaurants

  • Gate Tower Building

gate-tower-building-japanWhile this building isn’t in Tokyo, rather in Osaka, Japan, it still deserves a mention. This building is your normal 16 story office building in the middle of the city. The only difference is that between the 5th and 7th floors there is a literal highway exit through it! The Umeda exit off the Hanshin Expressway puts a short tunnel in the building allowing for an effective use of space in a small country

Ever since its founding Japan has been known for making some of the greatest structures in the world along with the many products they manufacture. Japan proudly continues that tradition with its prominent temples and its massive amounts of skyscrapers. Tokyo is definitely a city to visit if ever in Japan.