Two American Businesses In The Heart Of Japan

While there are many great products that are made in Japan and imported to the United States there are also great products from America that the Japanese appreciate and look to shop for. There is also a handful of U.S, businesses that have taken the leap and opened stores in Tokyo or in other cities in Japan.

American Businesses Succeeding In Japan

Dandelion Chocolate- a handcrafted chocolate company based out of San Francisco first opened a store in Tokyo in 2016. Todd Masonis, the founder of the company, has only chosen to branch out from San Francisco to Tokyo with his amazing chocolate and nowhere else because he saw the potential his company had in Japan. Partnering with Mr, Seiji Horibuchi he had lots of requests from Japanese tourists in San Fransisco to open a store in Japan. He also knew that the Japanese valued the craftsmanship of his chocolate and he also knew that the regulations regarding the processing of food were a lot less strict than in the United States. It seemed like the perfect business opportunity and has proven to be so.

LuluLemon- The activewear and yoga brand first tried to make its debut in Japan in 2004 but pulled out 4 years later in 2008. Yoga had did not become a hot commodity yet in Japan and the yoga studios that were there offered changing rooms for after classes, so the idea of fashionable activewear wasn’t quite there yet. After doing abundant market research and streamlining their concept and approach in Japan they opened stores in Tokyo in 2016. There are currently 2 but because it has proven to be profitable this time around they are ready to expand and open more stores throughout Japan.

These are two examples of American brands that have found their footing within Japanese society. Japanese also like to purchase video games, kids toys, DVD’s, CD’s, watches, costumes & masks, and cargo & tool bags from American manufacturers.